Now, you can  see this is an example of a movie that will never go down in history as one of the greats, but it is enjoyable.

From the opening bar scene Gina Carano is the star, we migh havw a new action hero in the making here. The support cast is largely first-class, however one problem in  having such talented support as Mssrs Banderas, Douglas or McGregor is that the not so great additional support is really shown up; Channing Tatum showed all the acting skill of the background paint – not his best effort (actually it might have been…).

The Scenes in Barcelona and Dublin were fun, the only distraction was in knowing both cities I was tempted to look for continuity breaks lke rounding one corner to come out somewhere on the other side of the citiy (as in  Flight of the Doves, 1971), but thankfully nothing too bad here.

The plot seems almost like an afterthought and I’m convinced that one or two scenes were added to try and explain it. In short the plot line was so loose and almost non-existant that there almost was none. That that was only a secondary issue, no body went to that movie for the plot, or at least I hope not!

The movie moved well, the action sequences were great and it was novel to see Dublinin a spy/action flic. Not the best movie ever made, but not the worst, well worth a watch, if for nothing else other than for a few minutes of good old fashioned escapism.

Does it live up to its name, yes it certainly is Haywire 🙂

Rating = 6/10 – average

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