Let’s get straight to the point, she might be able to sing, but directing is not one of Madge’s strong points.

W.E. is a meandering, badly shot, trip along the day-dreams of a lonely middle-class New Yorker who dreams of W.E’s romance.

So what was wrong with the movie? From the very start the directing mistakes were obvious, the sound recording was off and the random “flashbacks” took some getting used to.

I’ll ignore the bad sound editing, the very badly held together plot threads and the Russian security guard with the NY Loft appartment full of antique furniture…if being a security guard at an auction house pays that much, well then I’m outta here!

Some of the more serious faults of the movie were the simple script mistakes compounded by the doubling over of props when they should not have been used.

Some movies you go to are just poor or bad, subjectively; but this movie is in my humble opinion technically the worst movie I have seen in years.

That said the soundtrack to the movie is good, or maybe it seems good given the low bar it has to work to…..if you are planning on seeing this movie, then I might suggest the time would be better filing some tax returns….

Rating 2/10 and that is only for the music

A friend loved the movie, because of the romance of it all. I might be all too hard-nosed but my biggest question as I sat in agony was – is it okay to walk out now?

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